Tapping Introduction

Using the EFT Free recordings

Finding time and creating a safe space for your session explained

I advise that you listen to each recording 3 times before using another one

Please have paper and pen ready to note what seems important to you


I advise you go through the recordings gently and slowly, using days or weeks before using the next recording. (these sessions can have deep and long lasting effects – I suggest that you allow plenty of time to process your shifts –  giving your system a chance to adjust and settle into the new patterns)


I suggest you create a routine and set aside regular times for your EFT. (You may choose to put dates and times into your diary as if you were going along to see a therapist or to a therapy group)

Finding time and creating a safe space for your session

To get the most from the recordings please watch this introductory video. Its explains to tapping points and some of the of language I use.

Video – How to get the best results from the Recordings

Video –  EFT Tapping – the tapping points and language Wendy uses



2 links menu  / linking pictures

For the present – find your balance – Emotional 1

Physical Intro – Free EFT for Physical pain or issues