EFT Emotional 1

1: Tapping for Stability and Clarity

Before starting please read the Information and Tapping Introduction pages (link) – where you will also find the Video How to get the best results from these recordings

These free recordings are offered with no guarantees and I cannot take any responsibility for the effect of listening to them. Each one is is a gift given with love – enjoy 🙂

Table Structure – Sections with 5 -10 recordings for each one –  ideally searchable via the keywords as illustrated –  linked to videos  on youtube or audio files to listen to or download plus small links to donate or help


A – Allowing and opening to ideas

B – Balance Presence and Grounding

C – Choosing – it’s all about me

D – Deciding to clear blocks and patterns

Title May Help With Keywords





Slow and gentle relax
E1 – A1
Feeling stressed nervous Calm calming slow gentle breathe relax 2 2 *

Opening to possibilities

E1 – A2

Stuck in conflict Opening suspending judgment allowing 2 2 *

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E1 – A – Allowing and opening to ideas

E1 – B – Balance Presence and Grounding

Physical intro




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