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What is EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a technique that combines speaking carefully chosen words while tapping energy points on the hands, head or upper body.

The therapist usually discusses the issue that is bothering the client and makes notes. Then the therapist and client usually both tap their own bodies in specific places… while the therapist uses their skill and intuition to make useful statements.. which the client repeats.

It is usually respectful and gentle yet easy and powerful.. effects can be remarkable.

Although I can make no guarantees or health claims…I have experienced many clients walk in with physical or emotional issues and leave without them within a few sessions.

Please see the feedback page for clients comments.


Who is Wendy?

That’s actually quite difficult for met to answer although I will try as I choose to ask the question.. lol

I suppose like you I am a product of my all my deepest core programming which has been overlaid with my life experiences.. I’m just me.

My childhood experiences led me to question what I had been taught and set me off on a journey of self discovery. I wanted to know why I do what I do. On my travels I have explored and challenged what I was taught and discovered my own truth.. while having many adventures and light bulb (enlightening) realisations on the way..

On one level I’m simply a human being like you… and on another.. I’m aware of an understanding about being much more..

I’m a mother to two.. a wife to one very special man.. a close friend to many..  a curious listener and a strong holder of space…

On my journey I’ve learnt a lot about people and life.. I’ve let go of judgment… released bucket fulls of pain and discovered the joy that was  hiding underneath it..

My therapy work began with counselling.. then moved to energy healing… next I explored the study of the language patterns of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) then my curiosity and desire to understand took me into past life therapy and other deep processes where i could explore the minds influence on health and allover wellbeing.. This led to my developing an understanding of how to use language to help people release their physical as well as emotional pain.

Now I’m emotionally very content, grateful, stable and happy to be sharing some of my thoughts and ideas on how you can move towards that state yourself.


Will this work for me?
I can’t offer any guarantees concerning the effectiveness of these free video and audio  recordings.

Please do check out the feedback page for comments by people who have used them.

I have occasionally come across people who have needed extra help to relax or to allow the words and ideas in.
If you don’t feel different in some way after listening to several audios please focus on the ones that deal with blocks, fear and being stuck.
If they don’t help at all… then please contact me for a private session and we will try to move the blocks between us.


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